NY Dental Clinics Teaches Dental Care For Jamaican Childrens

There are many things that you need to consider before selecting the right clinic for your needs. In fact, dental care is an integral component of basic hygiene and health. You should get your teeth examined by a qualified dentist at least twice a year in addition to brushing and flossing the teeth regularly. A dentist that you trust will make it easier for you to attend the appointments on schedule. Finding the right dental clinic in New York is not an easy task with hundreds of dental clinics operating in the region. Here are some things to consider when choosing the best dental clinics nyc.

First, check your dental insurance policy for recommended healthcare providers in the area. If the policy recommends a good dentist in the area, you can always trust the services provided by him or her. If not, you can ask for a referral from your primary healthcare provider in the area. They are the best source to find a reliable dental clinic in the area. The internet will give you a list of dental providers in New York. Make sure that you do the homework before choosing the best provider in the area.

Great Shape! Inc. – 28 years of One Love!

Great Shape! Inc. empowers the children and families of Jamaica and the Caribbean by providing access to education and health care.

  • 501 c 3, non-profit that facilitates humanitarian projects in Jamaica and the Caribbean serving more than 40,000 people each year
  • Over 500 volunteers a year come from all over the USA, Canada and beyond to lend critical skills, talents, time and love
  • Founded in 1988 in response to Hurricane Gilbert, now operates 3 major programs: dental, eye care and literacy


  • 1988 Founded: built schools, community centers & roads, sponsored students & uniforms
  • 2003 Launched: world’s largest, international, humanitarian, dental project – 1000 Smiles
  • 2008 Launched: literacy-enhancement program (incl. computer literacy & lab builds) – SuperKids
  • 2009 Launched: eye-care program – iCARE
  • Also: Dental Sealant Project and Teacher Computer and Literacy Training


  • Operate throughout Northern and Western Jamaica. Exploring opportunities in St Lucia and other Caribbean nations.
  • Founded: Ashland Oregon. Main office: Modesto, California. Leadership: across the USA, Canada and Jamaica.


  • Schools we partner with have only a 40% literacy rate
  • In rural Jamaica, there is only one dentist for every 100,000 people
  • There is only one public health eye care provider for every 250,000 people
  • We believe our purpose in life is to look after those in need
  • It’s great fun and deeply rewarding work


  • Great Shape! is a volunteer based nonprofit that matches skills and talents with communities in need
  • Great Shape! partners with Jamaica’s Sandals Foundation and Jamaicans from every corner of society to delvier meaningful solutions
  • YOU! can volunteer in Jamaica, fundraise, Donate, Sponsor a Smile, Corporate Sponsorships, etc.

Thanks To Our Amazing Partners & Sponsors

  • The Sandals Foundation, Sandals Resorts International: logistics, accommodations, meals (pro-bono)
  • Jamaican Ministries of Health and Education: strategy support and collaboration
  • First Book: donates thousands of books to SuperKids
  • Souls4Soles: shoes and uniforms
  • Patterson Dental: equipment, volunteers, internship program
  • Let It Shine Media: internal and external communications (including PR & video production)
  • Thousands of individual donors, sponsors and volunteers adds up to one big wave of love